About Us

Team Composition

CW Landmark is not inhibited by stiff suits and traditions, but rather boasts a young team of dynamic and creative thinkers.  Our youthful orientation advocates progressive and relevant practices, maintaining an uninhibited awareness of modern social and industry developments while still respecting and prudently utilizing the long-standing customs of real estate operations.  Further, our insistence on maximizing the team approach results in refined and perpetually enhanced ideas, all formulated within an attentive, inventive and judicious network.


Off-Market Niche

CW Landmark is not a listing-motivated brokerage firm.  We do not stagnantly await new business, but rather utilize 40 multigenerational years of accumulated relationships—plus simple cold calls—to produce off-market product.  It is our prerogative to present new, exclusive deals to clients who are familiar with the broker-blasted options on the open market.


Deal Size & Focus

At CW Landmark, we are not generalists.  With an unwavering hyper focus on retail and multifamily assets in Connecticut and Florida, we are experts in our specific field.  Our thorough and specialized knowledge, coupled with our transaction range of $1 million to $20 million deals, allow us to serve clients in a heretofore untapped boutique capacity.  Our reach is more locally informed and personalized than national commercial brokers, yet our capabilities vastly exceed those of typical residential agencies with commercial arms.



Commercial real estate was an easy migration from our original residential positioning, considering our long-established networks and sophisticated clientele.  We benefit from connections in all relevant fields, particularly engineering.  Indeed, we work closely with a highly regarded local engineer and therefore enjoy immediate feedback and creative input, permitting us to convert even the most imaginative intangible ideas into substantial and examinable proposals.